Spiral Screws

Shaft less spiral screws are primarily used for the conveying of viscous products. Due to "missing"
a central shaft products can be conveyed with large particles (pollution . The spiral has no bearings but is running on plastic wear shells or on steel wear strip. As a result, large conveying distances (up to 40 meters in length) are possible. Shaft less screw conveyors reduce maintenance costs , because they are able to work with a considerably higher filling levels than a conventional screw coveyor.


- Fuel : wood chips, straw, sawdust, pea , pellets, coal
- Waste: sludge, slaughterhouse waste, garbag , ashes
- Cereals, powder of any kind, sugar, salt, flour, grain, residual
- Pulp and paper, twigs, paper pulp, fiber sludge, bark, sand
- Suitable for a wide range of products
- High reliability
- For rough business, around the clock suitable
- Low transport speed (gentle to product)
- Highly variable installation angles